The history. The people. The ruins. The culture. The FOOD! There is so much to see and do (and eat!) in the Eternal City of Rome. Here’s how we made it a light experience for our family.

Exploring the Roman Forum.

I love visiting other countries. I love meeting the people and hearing their language and seeing how they live. I love the different landscapes and architecture. I love learning about the history of a region. Because exploring is one of the ways I “play,” travel is lots of fun for me!  Continue reading “Rome”

Packing Light… With Kids!

It’s one thing for me to throw my own stuff in a suitcase and head out the door on an adventure. It’s a totally different thing when I’ve got the kids in tow! But a little planning can make traveling with little people just as light!

Travel with Kids

Note: This post includes affiliate links for items that I use and love. 

It’s no secret that I love to travel. There is something magical about seeing all the varieties of people and places that exist on this planet we inhabit. That’s why I’m not about to sit at home waiting for my little ones to be “old enough” to travel. Kids are portable! And there are things you can do to make traveling with kids a little lighter. Continue reading “Packing Light… With Kids!”

Yosemite’s Light

The way the sun peeks over the granite cliffs and casts its light over the Yosemite Valley is nothing short of majestic. Time spent in this magnificent national park is soul-lightening!

The breathtaking El Capitan. 

I was lucky enough to grow up about 2 hours from Yosemite National Park. Day trips into the park to see it’s natural beauty happened often. Continue reading “Yosemite’s Light”

This Summer’s “Light” Plan

A summer without a plan is my worst nightmare! And yet, an over-planned summer is just as bad. Here’s how I’m planning (hopefully!) to find that blessed middle ground for a light summer!


It’s almost here! My favorite season of the year, when I finally get warm! I love the long days full of light. I love the warm days full of shorts and tees. I love the opportunities for adventure! And if you know me by now… I love the summer plan! Continue reading “This Summer’s “Light” Plan”


I love celebrating my birthday. I know some people can let it slide by without fanfare, but I really like doing something special to note another orbit around the sun.

I remember the birthday I had during my first year of college. A few days before, I realized that it would be my first birthday away from the typical celebration of my family and that it was all up to me to make my birthday what I wanted it to be. Continue reading “Birthdays”

Light in the Valley of the Sun

A first-time trip to the Phoenix area introduced me to the light to be found in the desert.

If you’ve been left wondering what happened to me and which room I was going to de-clutter next… my apologies. I’ve been off on a mid-spring adventure to the Valley of the Sun. Continue reading “Light in the Valley of the Sun”

Maui’s Light

Three ways I found light on the island of Maui.

Maui Light

I just spent a beautiful week on the island of Maui. What a beautiful piece of our planet! While we were there because my husband had a conference to attend and I was still doing all the mothering with the little boys, I deliberately found ways to make this trip a light one. Continue reading “Maui’s Light”

Packing Light

There’s nothing worse than heading off on a vacation already burdened with a heavy load. I’ve come up with just a few things that can make packing for a trip a little lighter.


I love to travel. I love to see all the amazing places that are on this fantastic earth that God created. I love to meet all the amazing people that are on this fantastic earth who are really just my brothers and sisters. When I think about spending my time in a way that makes my soul light, travel is high up on the list! Continue reading “Packing Light”