Instead of #momfail

Every time I see the hashtag #momfail on a social media site, my heart hurts. Can we change it, please?


Yes, I’m tenderhearted. I do not like to see anyone “fail” or publicly beat themself up about it. And it’s all over the place! #momfail! It’s usually captioning a photo of a toddler with pink permanent marker covering half of his body. Or a post stating that the 4th grader has been forgotten at school for the 3rd time. Or even just a photo of a family room that looks like the aftermath of category 4 hurricane.

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The seasons come and go, as we turn round and round on this beautiful planet of ours. Lots of things come and go and I’m thoughtful today of both the weight and the lightness of change.

I may have been quiet on my blog this summer, but summer was not a quiet season. The very reason that I decided to take a break from blogging was because I wanted to be deliberate with the time I was spending with the 4 year olds. Not to mention, it takes a ridiculous amount of mental and physical energy to be with them for 12 waking hours a day and I knew I wasn’t going to have much left over for anything else.

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Easter – A True Story of Lightening Up

Easter eggs and flowers

I realize that for many people, Easter is simply about spring and bunnies and eggs. I love those things too. I love celebrating the beauty of our Earth coming back to life. And… I celebrate one thing more. For me, Easter is a true story of light. It is one of the ultimate ways that my life is made lighter. Continue reading “Easter – A True Story of Lightening Up”


Today at the beach I was struck by a truth: The ocean is not meant to be perfectly calm. It is meant to have waves. That sounds a lot like my life.

I spent some time this afternoon just watching the waves at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz, CA. Ok, I also spent more time watching a pair of 4 year olds and making sure they didn’t terrorize the seagulls or get washed out to sea. But still. I got to watch the waves today. Continue reading “Waves”

My “Check Engine” Light

I’m feeling pretty out-of-sorts today. If I were a car, my “check engine” light would definitely be lit. (If I were a car, I’d also be red and zippy… but I digress.) My “check engine” light is on today and so it’s time for me to pull out my self-diagnostic tool. Continue reading “My “Check Engine” Light”

The Benefit of the Doubt

Here’s one of the best gifts you can give. I’m not very good at it… yet. But it’s something I want to be so much better at.

Heart rock

That’s a strange phrase when you think about it. When we say we’re “giving someone the benefit of the doubt” we’re really saying that we give them the gift of believing the best about them. I don’t know about you, but that’s a gift I would definitely like.  Continue reading “The Benefit of the Doubt”

We Are All Meant To Shine

We all have something inside of us that, when shared, can send light out into the world. The gifts and talents that you have were not meant to stay shut inside. Let them shine.


I’m feeling poetic today. One of my most favorite poems has been going round and round in my head for the last week and I took it as a sign that it would be good to share it here. Continue reading “We Are All Meant To Shine”

A Joyful Noise

I have found a happiness elixir. It comes in through my ears and goes right to my heart. It makes my voice sing and my feet dance. That’s because it’s music.


I have a sure-fire way of dealing with whatever life throws at me. I throw music right back. It’s magical to me the power that music has to help me make my life lighter. Continue reading “A Joyful Noise”