St. Patrick’s Day

Will you be wearing green this March 17th? We have just a few fun things we do each year to make St. Patrick’s Day a light-filled holiday.

Image by wagrati_photo from Pixabay

Holidays are a fun way to make life lighter… if they are celebrated in a way that brings you and your family light… and not a lot of stress! On March 17th, that may be pulling on a green shirt and calling it good! For me, I’ve got four simple things in the works this year to make our St. Patrick’s Day a light one. Continue reading “St. Patrick’s Day”

Using Christmas Time Well

In order to make December “the most wonderful time of the year” I need to do a little planning first. Being deliberate about what I choose to do with the time I have this month can help lighten up our Christmas time!


What is Christmas? I have to start there. If I remember why I am celebrating Christmas in the first place, it helps me make all of the other decisions for my time this holiday.  Continue reading “Using Christmas Time Well”

Eating Light

One thing that helps me the most when I choose what to eat is to remember why I eat in the first place. Food is fuel. And what I choose to eat for fuel makes a big difference in how light my body feels.


With one sugar-filled holiday down and two more to go before the end of the year, I felt like now was a good time to talk about eating light. There is no question that what we eat either makes us feel physically and mentally light or very, very heavy. Continue reading “Eating Light”

Mother’s Day: Rest and Play

I realized this year that all I really want for Mother’s Day are two things. And neither one comes from a store. 

Just a day doing the hardest job in the world…

Mother’s Day sort of seems like a two-edged sword for me. On one hand, it’s absolutely wonderful to celebrate the women in our lives who are doing the hardest job on the planet. There absolutely should be a day to celebrate that!  Continue reading “Mother’s Day: Rest and Play”

Lighter Love Notes

While there is definitely something incredibly romantic about having a stack of cards and letters from your loved one all tied up in a ribbon… I wondered if there was a lighter way to keep these love notes.

Last year, as I stood in the greeting card isle of the store, amazed at how much the cost of cards was going up, I had an idea.

Continue reading “Lighter Love Notes”

Bringing Back the Block Party

I grew up on a cul-de-sac. There were 10 houses and more kids than you could shake a stick at. And there was plenty of stick-shaking! In many ways it was an idyllic neighborhood to grow up in. That street is filled with so many wonderful memories. One of the brightest was the annual block party.


I don’t know exactly what year it started. All I know was I was knee-high to a grasshopper when I remember the first one. But somehow, a tradition was started where every year on the 4th of July, all the neighbors on our cul-de-sac came out to the middle of the street and had a grand ol’ block party.

Continue reading “Bringing Back the Block Party”

Motherhood Lightened

It’s a responsibility with a lot of weight. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, being a mother can get heavy. It’s so important to find ways to lighten the load. Here’s one.

Am I smiling, or grimacing?? Maybe both?

There was a video that went viral a year or so ago. It showed people being “interviewed” for a position with a company. It was staged, of course, but the people being interviewed didn’t know that it wasn’t for a real position. The interviewer asked questions like, “Are you OK with never having any breaks?” “Are you available 24/7?” And as the questions went on, of course, it became obvious that the interviewer was describing the job of a mother. Continue reading “Motherhood Lightened”

Easter – A True Story of Lightening Up

Easter eggs and flowers

I realize that for many people, Easter is simply about spring and bunnies and eggs. I love those things too. I love celebrating the beauty of our Earth coming back to life. And… I celebrate one thing more. For me, Easter is a true story of light. It is one of the ultimate ways that my life is made lighter. Continue reading “Easter – A True Story of Lightening Up”

Love Day

Here’s an idea… rather than just have a celebration for those with “Valentines”… how about a day where we just celebrate all of the people we love? You in?

Happy Love Day! I know, most of you know it as Valentine’s Day, but I have issues with the whole St. Valentine’s story, and besides, I don’t want to narrow a holiday to just people with a “significant other”. So I like to celebrate ALL the people I love. Continue reading “Love Day”


Have you ever chosen a word for the year? I haven’t jumped on that bandwagon before, but this year a word kept coming up that I’ve decided to adopt.

I’m not often the first person to jump on a new trend. I’m a watch-it-for-a-bit-and-then-make-a-judgement kind of a girl. So, several years ago, when it was all the rage to select a WORD to be your word for the year, I just watched. I noticed the words that people were choosing, and I watched how they played out (or didn’t) over their year. Continue reading “Nourish”