Lighter With Gratitude

I know. It’s the topic on everyone’s blog and podcast right now! But there is good reason for that. Gratitude genuinely has a positive impact on our mental and physical well being. 

Sometimes when I hear something over and over again, I stop listening. Or I tell myself, I already know it so I don’t need to listen. But every time I hear about how gratitude can make me happier and healthier, I stop and listen. Continue reading “Lighter With Gratitude”


In my quest to make my life “lighter” I’ve begun to identify what kinds of things make me feel “light”. A book I’ve been wanting to read for a while, and I finally got to read, has helped me see that those things that I’m doing that feel “light” is actually the way that I “play.”

IMG_0269 (2)

I’ve had Dr. Stuart Brown’s book, Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul on my list of books to read for a while. I finally got a copy from the library and dove in last month. After all, it seemed like a good idea to read a book on why play is important! Continue reading “Play!”

Instead of #momfail

Every time I see the hashtag #momfail on a social media site, my heart hurts. Can we change it, please?


Yes, I’m tenderhearted. I do not like to see anyone “fail” or publicly beat themself up about it. And it’s all over the place! #momfail! It’s usually captioning a photo of a toddler with pink permanent marker covering half of his body. Or a post stating that the 4th grader has been forgotten at school for the 3rd time. Or even just a photo of a family room that looks like the aftermath of category 4 hurricane.

Continue reading “Instead of #momfail”

The Lightness of Being Carried

I’m always trying to notice what things bring me a feeling of happiness. This week I found another one. 


I haven’t felt this particular source of happiness for years. Not since the last time I was on the back of a magnificent horse.  Continue reading “The Lightness of Being Carried”


Today at the beach I was struck by a truth: The ocean is not meant to be perfectly calm. It is meant to have waves. That sounds a lot like my life.

I spent some time this afternoon just watching the waves at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz, CA. Ok, I also spent more time watching a pair of 4 year olds and making sure they didn’t terrorize the seagulls or get washed out to sea. But still. I got to watch the waves today. Continue reading “Waves”

A Joyful Noise

I have found a happiness elixir. It comes in through my ears and goes right to my heart. It makes my voice sing and my feet dance. That’s because it’s music.


I have a sure-fire way of dealing with whatever life throws at me. I throw music right back. It’s magical to me the power that music has to help me make my life lighter. Continue reading “A Joyful Noise”

A Little Light Reading

Books have the amazing ability to transport me to another place. They can make me forget the weight of my own story for a while. And they can show me people, places, events, and ideas that I otherwise might never see. Is it any wonder that books light me up?


It’s no secret that I love to read books. My mom says that when I stopped taking naps at 18 months old (gasp!) she would hand me the thickest novel she could find (most of the times it was “Gone With the Wind”) and I would quietly page through the book, sitting next to her, while she got a few precious minutes to read her own book. And I’ve pretty much had a book in my hands ever since. Continue reading “A Little Light Reading”


Have you ever chosen a word for the year? I haven’t jumped on that bandwagon before, but this year a word kept coming up that I’ve decided to adopt.

I’m not often the first person to jump on a new trend. I’m a watch-it-for-a-bit-and-then-make-a-judgement kind of a girl. So, several years ago, when it was all the rage to select a WORD to be your word for the year, I just watched. I noticed the words that people were choosing, and I watched how they played out (or didn’t) over their year. Continue reading “Nourish”

Birthday Cakes

One of the things that I am learning through this process, is that being able to use my creativity is something that really lights me up. A blank canvas… or cake… with a wide-open “what-if?” is one of the ways that I find light.

DJ Cake 2017

I know that one person’s light can be another person’s dark. What lights one person up is not always the same thing for another person. Part of my journey has been identifying those things that truly light me up.

Birthday cakes are one of those things. Continue reading “Birthday Cakes”