Keeping Dinnertime Light

It happens every night. We gather at the table and eat dinner. There may be days when it resembles an episode of Wild Planet, but other days, it’s a marvelous opportunity to connect with each other and spend time together.

Thanksgiving 16
The only dinner I’ve ever taken a picture of seems to be Thanksgiving!

Growing up, dinnertime was an important part of my family’s day. All seven of us tucked in around our trestle table which filled the entire dining area. Our conversations were everything from intellectually stimulating, to uproariously funny! I have fond feelings about those times with my family. And when I had a family of my own, I knew I wanted that kind of dinnertime. Continue reading “Keeping Dinnertime Light”

Streamline the Kitchen

Whether you spend hours in the kitchen or just a few minutes, taking a bit of time to streamline the space will maximize the time you spend there… and possibly make your time there a little lighter!

I spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen. And I don’t want to spend that time digging through clutter or searching for something that I know must be in there somewhere… I’ve got some systems in place that have helped me streamline all things meal-related and it’s made a huge difference!  Continue reading “Streamline the Kitchen”

Eating Light

One thing that helps me the most when I choose what to eat is to remember why I eat in the first place. Food is fuel. And what I choose to eat for fuel makes a big difference in how light my body feels.


With one sugar-filled holiday down and two more to go before the end of the year, I felt like now was a good time to talk about eating light. There is no question that what we eat either makes us feel physically and mentally light or very, very heavy. Continue reading “Eating Light”


I love celebrating my birthday. I know some people can let it slide by without fanfare, but I really like doing something special to note another orbit around the sun.

I remember the birthday I had during my first year of college. A few days before, I realized that it would be my first birthday away from the typical celebration of my family and that it was all up to me to make my birthday what I wanted it to be. Continue reading “Birthdays”

Spring Garden Light

Springtime is planting time around here! The sun is out and I am too, putting our top five favorite plants in the garden.

This morning’s harvest.

I grew up in a garden. Wait, that sounds weird. How about, I grew up spending much of my childhood in a garden. That’s better. Continue reading “Spring Garden Light”

Snow and Hygge

We just got back from our mid-winter trip to the snow! Yes, as Californians, we have to actually go somewhere to find the powdery white stuff. And while I’m a born and raised Cali girl, my husband is a born and raised snow boy, and at least once a year, I need to take him to go play in a white winter wonderland. Continue reading “Snow and Hygge”

Love Day

Here’s an idea… rather than just have a celebration for those with “Valentines”… how about a day where we just celebrate all of the people we love? You in?

Happy Love Day! I know, most of you know it as Valentine’s Day, but I have issues with the whole St. Valentine’s story, and besides, I don’t want to narrow a holiday to just people with a “significant other”. So I like to celebrate ALL the people I love. Continue reading “Love Day”

Easy Creative Granola

My favorite foods to make must be easy, fast, healthy, and just a little bit creative. This granola totally fits the bill.

I’ve got to be honest. I’m not a great cook. I’m an ok cook. But I do enjoy the creative process of combining ingredients to make something that tastes even better than the sum of it’s parts. Most of the time. Continue reading “Easy Creative Granola”

When the Groceries Get Heavy

There are some things you just have to keep doing over and over. Like eating. And buying food to eat. And anything you have to do over and over can get heavy. How about a few ways to lighten it up?


Sometimes being in charge of feeding all the people (and animals) in the house, gets heavy. Not because I just put a 50 lb bag of quinoa in my cart. But because the never-ending process of buying food and creating meals can get tiring, repetitive, overwhelming, and stressful. You feel it? Continue reading “When the Groceries Get Heavy”