Streamline the Kitchen

Whether you spend hours in the kitchen or just a few minutes, taking a bit of time to streamline the space will maximize the time you spend there… and possibly make your time there a little lighter!

I spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen. And I don’t want to spend that time digging through clutter or searching for something that I know must be in there somewhere… I’ve got some systems in place that have helped me streamline all things meal-related and it’s made a huge difference!  Continue reading “Streamline the Kitchen”

Remember Your Why

My favorite question is, “Why?” I guess I have that in common with every 3 year old. But it’s one of the most illuminating questions I know. And once again, it has shed light on something important in my life. 

Remember your why (2)

It was 7:30 at night and I had worked my way down a whole list of to-dos that day. I was in my car, running three more errands before I called it quits for the night. But rather than feeling pleasantly accomplished I was feeling rather unimpressed with myself.

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Lighten Up for Spring – The Linen Closet

As spring is quickly sliding toward summer, I am finishing up my home lightening. Today I tackled the linen closet.

Lighten Up for Spring - The Linen Closet

When I first saw the linen closet in our newly-purchased home, my first thought was, “Wow. That’s the skinniest door I’ve ever seen. I hope the closet is a bit bigger.” And it is. But only a little bit.

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Lighten Up for Spring – The Bathrooms

I’ve pulled everything out of the bathroom drawers and cupboards in an effort to lighten them up!

Lighten Up for Spring - The Bathrooms

Isn’t amazing how much stuff ends up in the bathroom? Stuff in the forms of bottles, tubes, cans, jars… truly an amazing assortment of dispensers. And today I unceremoniously pulled everything out of my bathroom cupboards and drawers to see where I could lighten them up. Continue reading “Lighten Up for Spring – The Bathrooms”

Lighten Up for Spring – The Coat Closet

You know that closet… or place… where everything lands when you come in the door? I took a look at mine today to make sure it only contains what I intend for it to contain.

Lighten Up for Spring - The Coat Closet

I’m easing myself back into the de-cluttering. After a week with a very sick little boy, a week of travel, and a week of house guests, I’m finally ready to jump back into the challenge… by heading to the coat closet.

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Lighten Up for Spring – The Office

Lighten Up for Spring - The Office.png

I realize that not every home has an office. This is one of those “extra” rooms in a house that gets assigned a use based on what the occupants need. Our “extra” room is actually a formal dining room. But let’s get real. There is no formal dining happening in this house right now! What we DID need, was an office. And so, it became one. And now it’s time to lighten it up! Continue reading “Lighten Up for Spring – The Office”

Lighten Up for Spring – the Laundry Room

Lighten Up for Spring - The Laundry Room

Do you have a laundry room? For the vast majority of my life, an actual “laundry room” was not something I had. If that’s where you are now, you are excused to go have a dance party or other delightful activity of your choice. I currently have a laundry room (a fact that I am grateful for daily) and now it’s time to lighten it up! Continue reading “Lighten Up for Spring – the Laundry Room”

Lighten Up for Spring – The Kitchen

Lighten Up for Spring - The Kitchen

Yes, I am certifiable for starting in the kitchen. Normally I’ll start with something small, like a closet. But you see, we made the crazy decision to remodel the kitchen last week. And so, it was the perfect place to start the lightening up! Continue reading “Lighten Up for Spring – The Kitchen”

Lighten Up for Spring – The Challenge!

Lighten Up for Spring - The Challenge

It’s that time of the year. I get itchy. Not because every flower and plant in the county is blooming and tossing it’s pollen into the air. (Well, I’m itchy that way too…) But this is the Spring Itch. It’s the time of year I can’t wait to do a major de-cluttering of our home. Continue reading “Lighten Up for Spring – The Challenge!”