Lighten Up for Spring – It’s Time Again!

I can feel it. It’s like an itch I’m going to have to scratch. It’s that time of the year. When I grab my boxes and do a total house de-clutter!

Lighten Up for Spring - The Challenge

Of course, my boys and I managed to catch some early spring virus that has had us (well, me) mostly just lying around listening to the spring rain and watching the first blossoms pop out in our back yard. I love spring. I love the renewal of life. And once I kick this virus, I’m going to feel a little of that spring renewal myself!

When I have the energy again, I’m going to do what I find myself doing almost every year around this time. I’m going to get my favorite three boxes and go room by room through my house, taking out the things that no longer need to be here.

If you’ve been around here for the last year, then you may remember last year’s Spring Challenge.  While I won’t be going into that much detail here (and truth be told, it was a major de-clutter last year!) I wanted to have a post that gathered all of the rooms in one place, as a go-to reference. For myself. And anyone else who gets this crazy de-cluttering itch.

Family Room
Play Room
Laundry Room
Coat Closet
Linen Closet

This seems like a good place to put my notes about how I process a room when I de-clutter it. Remember, I mentioned my three boxes?

  • I bring out those 3 magic boxes: Put Away, Give Away, Throw Away
  • I start at one side of a room or closet and take stock of each drawer or shelf, one at a time. I ask myself the following questions:
    • Is there anything in here that doesn’t belong? I take that item out and put it in the Put Away box. 
    • Is there anything in here that I no longer use, or don’t like, or have too many of, but still has use? I take that item out and put it in the Give Away box. 
    • Is there anything in here that is broken, or expired, or just garbage? I take that item out and put it in the Throw Away box.
  • As I go through each drawer or shelf, I re-confirm the purpose of that space. I take time to make sure the space is being used well and is serving my family’s needs.
  • Also as I work, I keep that notebook (or Notes on my phone) close by. If I notice I’m almost out of something, I’ll make a note. If I notice that it would be helpful to have a few more of something, I’ll make a note. Does a hinge need repair? Note. Does a drawer need new liner. Note.
  • When I’ve gone through all the drawers and shelves (or at least all I’m going to go through for that day!) I take a look at what’s in the 3 boxes. I take the items from the Put Away box and put them in their proper homes. I take the items from the Give Away box and put them in my pre-decided holding area until I’ve got enough stuff to make a donation run (or take pics and post online to sell!) And I take the items from the Throw Away box and… well… throw them away! Or recycle, if possible.
  • Don’t forget the notes! I add items to my to-do list as needed and schedule a time to get them done.

The rain is falling again and the lilacs are just starting to explode into all their fragrant purple splendidness. I’m curled up indoors with my favorite blanket, giving myself permission to rest and get well.

But as soon as I’m feeling better… look out clutter! I’m coming for you! It’s spring… and it’s time to lighten up.

Got any plans to lighten up your spring?


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