Summer Light

You know how I love light. I’ve been pretty brazen in my adoration. So, it goes without saying that I would love celebrating the longest day of the year!

Ah, Summer Solstice! You certainly vie for the top spot on my list of favorite days. Here in Northern California you offer me nearly 15 hours of sunlight! Marvelous.

Aside from being outside in that glorious sunshine as long as humanly possible without burning… here are a few ways that we celebrated.

Sun Crafts – Since the preschoolers are working on their scissor skills this summer, it fit perfectly for them to cut and glue little construction paper suns. Whatever the age or inclination of your little people (or just yourself!) it’s fun to make something to celebrate the fantastic star that we find ourselves circling around.

Sun Flowers – Obviously. Right? Had to grab a bunch and decorate the table. Next year, I really want to try my hand at growing our own.

Summer Dinner – I wanted a dinner celebration that embraced all the yummy food that this season has to offer. We had bowls of corn, watermelon, peas, peaches & strawberries. And instead of traditional hamburgers, I made deconstructed burgers with meatballs toothpick-skewered with cheese, avocado, tomato, pickles, etc. and a touch of ketchup and mustard. Here are a few pics of the process.

Soooooo yummy!!

Thank you, summer for the abundance of sunshine today! I’m looking forward to a season of light!

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