Lighten Up for Spring – The Family Room

This is one of those rooms that has as many different uses as the different families who live in them.

Lighten Up for Spring - The Family Room

For most of my adult life the Family Room was also the Play Room. Wait. That’s still true. Okay, sort of. When we chose our new home, one of my top requests was that we find a house that had a room we could officially designate as the Play Room. And we did.But the toys still like to come play in the family room. Which is okay. As long as they make it back to their home before bedtime.

But I digress. The play room is next week. This week it’s all about the family room.

Since the toys have been banished, I mean assigned, to a different room, I had the opportunity to be deliberate about what I did want in the family room. Here’s what made the cut:

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Video games
  • and blankets (very important!)

The books have their own bookshelf. And yes, bibliophile that I am, I used to have three bookshelves. But in the last six years I’ve really whittled my collection down to only books that I adore, that I reread, and that I reference.

With that in mind, I looked over the shelves and found a few books that will go in my Give Away box to entertain another book-lover.

The movies also have their own bookshelf. And I’ve also tried to keep our collection to only the movies that we adore, and re-watch. There are a few movies that don’t make the cut for today’s review, so into the Give Away box they go.

By the way, if you know me by now, you will not be surprised that my books and movies are shelved in a very particular order which keeps the genres together. Not surprised, right? (Remember that part where I’m weird? Good.)

The video games and gaming systems live in a cupboard under the TV. We don’t have a plethora of video games. (We’re really not all that into them–except for Wii Karaoke and Wii Dance–not surprised again, are you?) So, it’s nice that everything fits right there. Game controllers are in the drawers, as are extra cables for the TV.  And while I think there are a few games I’d certainly like to Give Away… I’m going to have to ask my husband first…

The final storage piece in the family room is a delightful woven blanket chest that I eyed for months (or maybe weeks) before I decided it was exactly what I wanted and I bought it. Haven’t regretted it for a minute. It houses a wide assortment of small blankets that can be used to snuggle under for Friday movie night, or thrown over couches and chairs for an instant blanket fort. Either way, they are close at hand, yet neatly (and prettily!) stored away. And I need every single one.

Not too bad for a de-cluttering project. A few more things in the Give Away box. A few items under the couch (that shall remain nameless) in the Throw Away box (actually straight to the garbage can!) And all the toys were already Put Away in their homes in the play room.

Whatever currently resides in your family room… decide what you want to live there and then Put Away, Give Away, and Throw Away the rest!

Now to grab one (or three) of those cozy blankets and curl up on the couch. These blankets are the only thing in this room that I want heavy. Everything else is just a little lighter.

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