Lighten Up for Spring – The Bathrooms

I’ve pulled everything out of the bathroom drawers and cupboards in an effort to lighten them up!

Lighten Up for Spring - The Bathrooms

Isn’t amazing how much stuff ends up in the bathroom? Stuff in the forms of bottles, tubes, cans, jars… truly an amazing assortment of dispensers. And today I unceremoniously pulled everything out of my bathroom cupboards and drawers to see where I could lighten them up.

First, of course, I looked to see if there was anything that needed to be Put Away somewhere else. I found some medicine (big no, no!) that needed to be put into the medicine cupboard (out of little hands’ reach!) No too much else was out of place.

Second, I considered if there was anything that would make it to my Give Away box. When I’m looking at old, used bottles of stuff, the answer is a pretty definitive “No.” But, if there was a perfectly good lotion that you didn’t like but you have a friend you think would love it, well, that could make it into the Give Away box. Or hair accessories that you thought would look good on you when you bought them… but no. You get the picture.

Third, I went a little crazy tossing things into my Throw Away box. However, I will note that anything in a recyclable container actually went into the recycling box. I try to be green where I can.

Oh, but this is where I pulled out anything that had expired, or if I just knew it was old. Anything that I didn’t wear or didn’t like also got tossed. All that stuff that was just taking up space and making me dig or search for something. Out with it! I came up with a pretty good pile!

Then, before I put everything back I did a nice wipe down of the drawers and cupboards. It’s amazing to me how much toothpaste, powder, etc. ends up at the bottom of my drawer. Yikes! (No, I did NOT take a picture for you!)

Once it was all clean, I took a minute to think about how I wanted it all to go back. I tried to bring some order to the chaos. I put my extras at the back of my cupboard. (I try to stock up on items when they’re on sale, so I’ve usually got a decent stash of toothpaste, shampoo, etc. on hand.) I’ll put the things I use more often in the middle and the every day items in the front or in my drawer. Whatever your bathroom configuration is, do what works for you!

I love this white storage tower and it’s ability to hide bathroom necessities neatly.

This is a good time to mention the notebook. Having looking through everything in the bathroom I jotted down notes to buy new emery boards (mine were rubbed clean) and a few more of my favorite kind of hair clips (I had broken all but one of them). It was also a good time to see how much of everything I had stockpiled and note what to keep an eye out for in upcoming sales.

By the way, did you remember the shower/bath? Were there any empty bottles there? Anything else to ditch? I’m replacing a few of my boys tub toys that are water squirters and I shudder to think about what has accumulated inside them. I think I’m staying away from squirters next time!

The little shelf on the wall keeps my older son’s razors out of my younger boys’ reach.

Which brings me to the fact that I actually have 3 bathrooms. OK, I have 2 1/2 bathrooms. Still, that means a few more cupboards to go through. And I’ll just follow the same process of Put Away, Give Away, Throw Away.

I went with Jungle Green in the half bath. Why not?

As a side note, when we were looking for houses last year, and we found our wonderful 1962 original, we did notice that the bathrooms were quite small. Do you know what my response was? GREAT! Smaller bathrooms mean less to clean! And it’s true. I’m perfectly fine with small bathrooms. It also means less space to collect clutter!

My recycling bin is full, but my bathroom cupboards are lighter!

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