Lighten Up for Spring – The Bedrooms

Time to tackle the bedrooms! It’s time to lighten up my wardrobe, for sure. 

Lighten Up for Spring - The Bedrooms

My bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s the place where I rest. I need this space to be clean and neat in order to truly rest. So I’m very protective of this space.

There isn’t much in my bedroom. I have my clothes and a few personal items. That’s it. That is what helps me actually sleep when I climb into bed at night. I know… I have issues. I’ve accepted the fact that I am and always will be weird. I can do weird.

But, I’ll ask you the question: What do you want in your bedroom?

Start with the answer to that question. And then go from there.

When I stood in my room earlier this week and asked myself that question, the answer was still: just clothes and a few personal items.

So I started with the few personal items first. They are all stored in my nightstand next to my bed. This is where I keep the books I’m currently reading and an assortment of some of my most referenced books. As well as my reading glasses, phone charger, earplugs, oil diffuser, salt lamp, and all other resting/sleeping essentials.

I pulled everything out of the drawers to see if there was anything to put away, give away or throw away. I found a mini magic levitating sword. Don’t ask how that ended up there.

Having gone through my nightstand, it was on to the bigger project in my room… the clothes.

I have a dream.

I have a dream of one day having a true capsule wardrobe that is both simple and fashionable. In all of my best colors. And at discount prices for quality items.

I told you it was a dream.

But I’m gonna keep dreaming it! Every time I go through my closet, I feel like I’m getting a little closer. This week, I made even more strides toward my dream.

I grabbed those 3 boxes.

There wasn’t too much to Put Away. Nearly everything in my closet and drawers were supposed to be there.

There wasn’t too much to Throw Away. Mostly socks with holes and a much-too-worn bra.

But there was plenty to Give Away.

  • Anything that didn’t actually fit
  • Anything that I never really wore
  • Anything I didn’t feel good wearing
  • Anything that isn’t in the colors I’ve decided to keep my wardrobe in
  • Anything that looks like it was made pre-2000 (and I’m not keeping for an 80’s party!)

You get the idea. Once the obvious choices were out of the way, I took a good look at what was still in there.

  • Did it fit well?
  • Was it in my color?
  • Was it still in good condition?
  • Did I like wearing it?
  • Did I actually wear it??

And if it got a “yes” for these… it made the cut.

Now the fun part. Yep. I arrange my clothes by type. Remember, I told you I was weird up front.

My closet hangs in this order:

Top bar:
short sleeve t-shirts
short sleeve work-out shirts
short sleeve blouses
long sleeve t-shirts
long-sleeve blouses
zip up hoodies

Lower bar:
work-out shorts
work-out pants
short skirts

And on the long bar:
Long skirts
Casual dresses
Formal dresses

And, yes, you may laugh, each section is grouped by color. In rainbow order.

(I clearly don’t have enough to do.)

Actually, I can’t help it. I came programmed this way. My mom says I would straighten out the candy bars in the check out line of the grocery store when I was 3 years old. Weird.

But seriously, it’s so much easier to look in my closet and find what I want to wear quickly this way. Is it a t-shirt day? There they all are. And red is on the far left.

OK, now that I’ve hung my freak flag out for everyone to see, let’s move on to the next step!

Remember that notebook (or app)? Here’s where I got it out again. I took a look at what was in the closet and noted where there were holes in my wardrobe or where I needed replacements. For example, I noticed that my white button-down blouse was looking a bit dingy and threadbare. Add that to the list of items to replace. I also don’t have a green t-shirt and emerald is one of the colors in my chosen wardrobe palate. Add it to the list. Et cetera.

Once I’d gone through all my clothes and decided that was as close as I was going to get to my dream capsule wardrobe that day… it was time to decide what to do with all the Give Away clothes.

For the most part, I’m putting them in my previously chosen storage place (in my garage) until I’m ready to take all my donations to the station of my choice.

But there are a few pieces that I’m going to try my hand at selling online. As I mentioned with my coats when I cleaned out the Coat Closet, I’ve been wanting to try this for a while. I’ll let you know how it goes.

And while my bedroom is now lighter… there are still other bedrooms in the house. My young adult son’s room is a Do Not Cross Zone… and I’m going to encourage the lightening up process to be one he takes on himself. Another dream…

But the twins’ room is still under my dominion, er, benevolent rule.

So in I go with my 3 boxes.

And similar to my room, their room only contains a few personal items (otherwise known as stuffed animals) and their clothes. We are blessed to have a separate playroom in our house, so their room is a No Toy Zone. Aside from the previously noted stuffed animals. And a shelf full of books.

The stuffed animals, at the moment, are non-negotiable. So I let them lie. The books are all ones we are still reading and enjoying. So I leave them too.

The clothes I can make quick work of. In fact, with growing little boys, this is something I do at the start of every season.

  • Throw away anything they’ve worn to utter destruction.
  • Give away anything that (amazingly) is still wearable.

I come up with a pretty good stack of pajamas, pants and tops that they’ve grown out of that I can pass on to another boy (or boys). Because kids at this age grow out of things so darn fast, I often just pass them on to someone I know with a boy a size smaller than my boys. I’ve been blessed with hand-me-downs for the twins and I’m happy to pay it forward.

And with a good couple of bags full of clothes (and a random levitating wand) I’ve lightened up our bedrooms! Typing this late in the evening right now… and I’m looking forward to heading up to that bedroom… and dreaming of capsule wardrobes…


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