Lighten Up for Spring – the Laundry Room

Lighten Up for Spring - The Laundry Room

Do you have a laundry room? For the vast majority of my life, an actual “laundry room” was not something I had. If that’s where you are now, you are excused to go have a dance party or other delightful activity of your choice. I currently have a laundry room (a fact that I am grateful for daily) and now it’s time to lighten it up!

Since I’m pairing a BIG room with a smaller one for this challenge, the laundry room seemed like a good break after the kitchen. (Actually, a pint of coconut ice cream seemed like a good break after the kitchen, but I had promised myself two rooms a week. And then ice cream.)

I’m thrilled to have a laundry room in our home. It’s really just a closet with accordion doors and a few cupboards above, but hey, no schlepping to a laundromat or hoarding quarters. Been there, done that.

My laundry room also doubles as my cleaning storage. The cupboards are high enough that I feel better about the twins not getting into them. So all the cleaning supplies are in there as well.

I really haven’t gone through these cupboards since I chucked everything in when we moved. So the time has come for me to grab my favorite 3 boxes, my notebook, and get to work!

(Did I mention I usually do this to music? Naturally. I highly recommend cranking it up.)

First, I pull everything out of there that belongs somewhere else. This time I came up with duct tape, gorilla glue, and orchid food–all of which belong in the garage. Into my Put Away box they go!

Second, I see if there is anything in there that I no longer use, want, desire, like, etc. It’s time to say sayonara¬†to a few items, but not too much. Into the Give Away box they go.

Third, (here’s the big one for this room) what is old, expired, gross, and otherwise garbage? Since all the cleaners and laundry supplies are here, it’s time to take a look at each one. There are definitely a few cleaners I bought… and hated. There are a few that are just old (and therefore no longer effective). And quite frankly, since I purchased my new favorite microfiber cleaning cloths that use just water… I haven’t needed all the toxic chemical cleaners.

The trick here is that some of these things can’t just be tossed in the trash. If you do have something that is water soluble and typically gets washed down a drain anyway (like a sink cleaner) you can pour it into a sink with running water to dispose of it. But always read the label and remember that super important rule about NEVER mixing cleaners with bleach and ammonia. Not good.

For all the other items, check with your local sanitation or recycling company. The city I live in has a hazardous waste disposal center where I can take old household cleaners, fertilizers, paint, batteries, light bulbs, pool chemicals, building products, fuels, and more. Phew!

I’ve boxed up all of the old cleaners that I no longer need or want and will make a run over to the disposal center this weekend. Thrown away! (More or less.) Just another good reason to keep using my cleaning cloths…

Notes I’ve made for myself include:

  1. Time to run a cleaning cycle on the washing machine
  2. Time to clean out the dryer vent
  3. Look at options to replace the 1960s beige accordion doors (ew!)

Wow! Especially getting all of the old cleaners out makes the laundry room so much lighter! One more space de-cluttered!

Now to find that coconut ice cream…

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