Lighten Up for Spring – The Prep

Lighten Up for Spring - The Prep.png

Ready to lighten up for spring?? Well, before I dive into that first drawer, there are a few things I do first.I gather my handy-dandy de-cluttering tools. These include: 3 boxes and a notebook. The boxes will be for the 3 major categories of sorting: keep in a different place, give away, throw away. (More on this later.) The note book (or Notes on my phone) is for anything I think of while I’m going through the rooms.


  • I decide where to start. My sisters will laugh right now, because they know that I taught them to clean our room corner to corner. Meaning that I start in one corner and work my way around to the other side. Back in the day when I used to clean my whole house on Saturday, I would do the same thing with my house. I’d start from the back and work my way forward. If you feel like moving that way through your house, by all means, work it that way! Or if you want to start with the easiest rooms and then get to the, well, harder ones, that works too. If being completely random is your thing, then fly that way too! This time, a kitchen remodel is forcing me to start there first. So that’s where I’m going.
  • I decide how much time I can reasonably spend on this and make a tentative calendar. Some days I know I’ll only have 15 minutes. Some days I’ll have a 2 hour block (yay preschool!) Then I set my goals accordingly. And I always give myself a little wiggle room, since sometimes an area will take longer than I think. And some will be faster too!


  • I choose an area to store any and all items that I will be donating. I also choose a reputable organization to donate the items to. Depending on how much you have, you may fill up the minivan every Saturday and make a drop off at the donation station of your choice. Or you may make a grand run at the very end. (Last year, before we moved, I took about 8 van-loads of donations to my favorite organization!)

After considering all of the above, for this year’s Spring Challenge, I’ve decided that I’ll focus on two areas a week and fit in the de-cluttering when I’ve got open slots of time (like preschool!)

Week One – Kitchen & Laundry Room
Week Two – Office & Coat Closet
Week Three – Bedrooms & Bathrooms
Week Four – Family Room & Linen Closet
Week Five – Playroom & Game Closet
Week Six – Anything I missed…

That’s the plan! I already know it will shift and adjust a bit, but this gives me a good framework to begin.

Alright kitchen… here I come!

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