Lighten Up for Spring – The Challenge!

Lighten Up for Spring - The Challenge

It’s that time of the year. I get itchy. Not because every flower and plant in the county is blooming and tossing it’s pollen into the air. (Well, I’m itchy that way too…) But this is the Spring Itch. It’s the time of year I can’t wait to do a major de-cluttering of our home.

Winter usually has me doing my darndest to stay warm and find light. So much of my energy is used in keeping myself sane, that I don’t have that much left over for big projects. But when the sun comes out from behind the clouds and the earth starts warming up, I suddenly find myself ready to do something!

And since we’ve been in our new home a year now, I’ve started to think about what works and what needs to go. I want to go through each room and give it a long, hard look. Enter THE CHALLENGE!

During the month of April, I’m going to go through my house, room by room, and lighten them up! I’ll be sharing my progress here on the blog, along with many of my tips and tricks for de-cluttering and keeping rooms organized.

Want to join? You can take it at your own pace and pick and choose what works for you, but it’s a great chance to take small steps to clearing out some of the “stuff” that might be weighing your home and family down.

You can follow me here on the blog, or on Facebook, or Instagram to see what room I’m in!

Ready to LIGHTEN UP for SPRING? Let’s go!

Lighten Up for Spring - The Challenge

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