Bright Green

Want a sure fire way to lighten up a room? Add a beautiful green plant.

It’s the month of green here in the United States. March is the month that winter gives way to spring in a flurry of rainstorms that paint our hillsides green. And March has that strangest of holidays, St. Patrick’s Day, that gets us all wearing the green.

But green is my favorite color all year long. Because green is the color of so many beautiful growing things. And those beautiful green plants are something that lifts my heart and lightens me up.

I’m not satisfied with leaving all those lovely plants outside. Though I realize that outdoors is where the majority of them rightly belong. But, I’ve got my own little garden of indoor plants that keep me company in my house. Especially on cold, grey, winter days.

I’ve got a big cascading fern in my bedroom. A happy little African violet in my bathroom. A trailing English ivy in my kitchen. A prolific pothos in the front room. And a bright anthurium in my office. And I’m hoping to add a few more…

The anthurium in our office.

There are so many wonderful benefits of having plants inside. Here are just a few things that indoor plants do:

  • release oxygen
  • release water vapor
  • purify the air
  • enhance mood
  • sharpen focus

See why I love these living greens in my house? And they do all these wonderful things with very little effort on my part. The trick to caring for house plants is to know what environment a plant likes best (sun, humidity, etc.) and to water it regularly. I check on my plants every Friday morning, and water them to the level they need. Because it’s scheduled, I don’t forget, and the plants thrive.

Some plants are easier than others to care for in the home. Here is my top 10 list:

  • English ivy
  • anthurium
  • pothos
  • snake plant
  • spider plant
  • Boston fern
  • bamboo palm
  • diefenbachia
  • aloe vera
  • succulents

The English ivy in our kitchen.

It really doesn’t surprise me when I read about research studies that conclude that students do better in classrooms with plants. Or that patients in the hospital recover faster in a room with plants. There is something soothing, happifying, and uplifting about having green plants inside with me.

And do I talk to them? Well, I’ll let you guess…

Do you have house plants that lighten you up?

House plants can lighten up your home

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