Snow and Hygge

We just got back from our mid-winter trip to the snow! Yes, as Californians, we have to actually go somewhere to find the powdery white stuff. And while I’m a born and raised Cali girl, my husband is a born and raised snow boy, and at least once a year, I need to take him to go play in a white winter wonderland.

So off we went to below freezing temperatures to have fun. I know, that sounds so far from who I am, it’s not even funny. I love it warm. I love it light. I love it green. So how did I have FUN on a snow trip? Hygge.

I’ll bet you’ve heard of it. Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) has been a buzz word for the last year. And while, you know I’m not usually a jump-on-the-bandwagon kind of a girl, when I found out that hygge is all about being cozy when it’s cold, I couldn’t help but jump on!

While there is no direct translation into English for hygge, it describes how the Danish embrace their cold, dark winters, and turn them into a warm and cozy celebration. See why I’m on board?

So, while heading somewhere below freezing (did I mention that it literally did not go above freezing the entire time we were there!?!) I did a few hygge things that made this trip both light and fun!

  1. Cozy clothes. The Danish love all things knit and thick (for obvious reasons) and I definitely filled my suitcase with all the merino wool socks and knit sweaters I could. One of the keys for being comfortable in the cold is, ahem, dressing for it. I had a wool hat, down coat, knit sweaters, warm baselayers, wool socks, snow boots, and snow gloves. Did I look twice as big? Yep. Did I care? Nope. I was warm!
  2. Warm food and drink. There’s nothing so wonderful as being cozy and warm from the inside out! Traveling, for me, is as much about experiencing different kinds of food, as anything else. We had dinner one night next to a roaring fire, letting the most amazing beef stew melt in our mouths. The next night we oogled over the 15 different kinds of salsa at a delicious Mexican restaurant. Talk about warming you up! And did I mention all the times that hot cocoa and hot apple cider (my choice!) were consumed. Yum…
  3. Go outside. It sounds counter-intuitive, I know, to go out where it is cold, when you’re trying to be cozy. But hygge is more than just cozy, it’s about truly enjoying the winter for all that it is. And I’ve got to tell you, I had forgotten how absolutely beautiful the world is when it’s all covered in white. Wow. Talk about LIGHT! So white, I had to wear my sunglasses! And seeing that kind of beauty, warms my soul. And while you’re out there… play! Oh, we spent hours sledding! Twin J would hike up the hill and slide down, over and over again. Twin D decided his favorite thing to do was to eat the snow! And of course there were plenty of snowball fights, snow angels, and just staring up into the softly falling snow and letting the flakes melt on our tongues.
  4. Be together. One of the most cozy things about hygge is the encouragement to get together and spend time with each other. My older daughter was able to come be with us for a day and a half and it was so fun to visit with her and snuggle up and talk and enjoy just being together. The twins were over the moon to have time to be with their big sister. It lit up my heart, just to all be together.

Hygge is a bandwagon that I can definitely jump on! I’ll jump on, pull over my warm blanket, light some candles, drink some hot apple cider, and invite you to sit with me and watch the bright, white snow falling outside. Except, now that I’m back in California, I’ll have to watch the rain instead.

Don’t tell my husband, but I miss you snow. I can see how you light up the cold winter. (OK, not the times when I had to scrape off the car in the 15 degree dark!) But still. If I’m looking for the light… I can see it in the snow.

Do you have snow where you live? Does it bring you light?

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5 thoughts on “Snow and Hygge

  1. I love the way you look at things! It’s so beautiful it brings tears for me. Thank you for being beautiful, light, lovely, REAL you, Ann!!


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