A Chore A Day

There will always be something to clean. So, rather than let cleaning my house weigh me down, I break it up into lighter, doable chores.

I am the primary caretaker of our home. It’s a role I chose and I feel blessed to have a home to be able to take care of. But let’s be honest, as magical as I just made that sound, it really boils down to the fact that I get the task of cleaning up a whole lotta dirt.

And you know how I roll. If I’ve got a job that I have to do over and over and it’s not super fun, I will find a way to streamline it and automate it so that I can make it as light as possible.

How do I make my house cleaning chores light? A chore a day.

Very similar to my laundry, I have one chore that I do each day over the course of the week, and without thinking too hard about it or working for hours, I manage to stay on top of the mess of living in a home.

Here’s a peek at my week:

Monday: Sweep and Mop. I find that if I sweep and mop all the hard floors in my house at once, it goes a lot faster than doing it on different days. I grab my broom and start upstairs in one corner and work my way around up there, then down the stairs and to the downstairs rooms. Once it’s all swept, me and my trusty microfiber mop wipe everything down. I can knock out the bathrooms, bedrooms with hardwood floors, entryway and kitchen in about 45 minutes.

Tuesday: Bathrooms. Similar to Monday, if I grab all my tools and hit all three bathrooms in rapid succession, it’s faster than doing them on separate days. Plus, the floors were already cleaned the day before. And I use my favorite microfiber cloths to clean everything!

Wednesday: Dust and Vacuum. Trusty microfiber cloth through every room in the house. Vacuum through every room with carpet. Done.

Thursday: Kitchen. While I do a general clean up in the kitchen every night after dinner, on Thursday I hit the deeper places. Clear out the fridge. Steam clean the inside of the microwave. Scrub the sink. Did I mention I use my microfiber cloths on everything?

Friday: Free Day. Yes, this can mean free from chores if I so feel like it. Or, more often it’s the day I tackle something that isn’t part of my regular list. Maybe I’ll clean windows. Or hit the baseboards. Or whatever else I noticed that week and said something like, “Ew, that’s disgusting!” Or whatever.

Saturday is for being out in the yard. That’s another post.

There you have it! My personal way of knocking out the necessary chore of keeping a house on the mostly-clean side.

Now. Lest you think my house is perfectly spotless, I need to dispel that misconception right now! Trust me that the floors get good and messy between washing. And while I do spot clean big “oops” around the house, there is a whole lot of living that goes on between cleanings. But at least my system helps me keep on top of the beautiful disasters.

Also, I know that this system works for me and my current home and family situation. Everyone will have different needs for cleaning based on their own family, home, and amount of time spent in mud puddles. (Twin boys. That’s all I’m sayin’.)

But the method itself has the magic. When chores are parceled out into daily doable chunks, it has the potential to make house cleaning a little bit lighter. At least it’s certainly made mine lighter!

Do you do something that makes your house cleaning light?

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