A Sun Chair

I’m clearly solar powered. The warm sun on my face has the powerful ability to both calm me down and lift me up at the same time.

Remember how I’m like a cat? Well, there is a spot in the corner of my bedroom where the sun streams in… and ever since we bought our house ten months ago, I’ve been yearning to have a cozy spot to sit there.

I found a chair. I mean, I’ve known what I wanted for months, but I didn’t particularly want to pay an exorbitant price if I didn’t have to. I’m kinda frugal. And earth-friendly. So, I’ve been watching the second-hand sites.

And there it was! Someone who lives not far from me no longer needed this lovely wicker chair with comfy cushions. And for $25… it became mine.

Now, I will very probably re-cover the cushions. I love the color red… but it does not match my tropical green bedroom and red is better for action than relaxing.

However, it’s positively delicious sitting here on these soft cushions while the low winter sun slides in and out of the puffy white clouds hovering over my hill. I haven’t seen the sun all week, with the rainstorms we’ve had, and I’m soaking it in before it goes away again.

It was a crazy morning around here. All of the usual rush to get ready and out the door, compounded by the fact that our car wouldn’t start. Then waiting for the AAA truck, calling the school, getting the boys re-directed and settled so I could attempt to work on something I needed to get done (presumably in the quiet while they were at school.) Sigh.

But now it’s mostly worked itself out. Plan B is humming in place. And I am taking a moment to just sit in my chair in the sun and breathe.

I’m so happy to finally have my sun chair.

Do you have a favorite spot to sit in the sun?

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