I realize that the term “light-minded” often has a negative connotation, but stick with me for a minute. I’m not talking about throwing all the important stuff to the wind. Just giving it a place, other than my tired head, to sit for a spell.

It’s exhausting being in my head. Are you like me? Does it feel like you’re in the TV department of the electronics store and they have 25 different channels going on 25 different TVs and you’re trying to see what’s on all of them? Or does your brain perpetually have 50 browser windows open at the same time? Yeah. Exhausting.

And sometimes, all that thinking about all those things all at the same time, just gets so darn heavy. Or really, what it feels like, is that my head is going to spin right off my shoulders and explode into a million messy pieces.

In order to diffuse this explosion of epic proportions, I’ve learned a little trick.

Sometimes I call it a “Brain Dump.” But that’s not particularly poetic, is it? I’m working on coming up with a name that rolls off the tongue a little better. Let me know if you come up with one.

But, in essence, it’s how I get all the “stuff” that is swirling around in my brain, wreaking absolute havoc and causing me major stress and anxiety, out of my brain and somewhere I can do something about it.

It’s pretty old-school. It’s a pen and paper. Or, for me, it’s a spiral notebook–the kind you can buy at the back-to-school sales for pretty cheap. I grab these trusty tools and sit down somewhere and I start to write.

And I write and I write.

And I write everything down that I have been thinking about and I get it all put down in ink on paper until I can’t think of anything else to write. I usually fill up a page.

And somehow, that physical act of putting it all down on paper, quiets my spinning brain. And finally, I am light-minded. Or maybe I should just say, “lighter-minded.”

When I take a couple of good deep breaths, I look at my list. Most of the items can be grouped into categories, so I’ll re-write the items by group, such as “things the kids need” or “home projects”.

Then I take a good look at each group. Sometimes something on there is something I can’t do anything about. At least not right then. So I”ll just cross it off. Sometimes there is something that I can do in under 2 minutes, so I just do it quickly and get it done. For everything else, I calendar in when I will be able to do it, or add it to my list of “projects” (a list on my smartphone) that I calendar in when I have the time.

How I manage my projects and to-do list is really a whole different post… So, you may see that one sometime soon.

But this is how I do my “Mind Unloading” (at least that sounded better than “Brain Dump”…) and it’s one trick that helps me when my head is just too heavy.

Do you have something that helps you lighten your mind?

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