A Lighter Christmas

It turns out, a good Christmas was really very simple.


Christmas this year was just right. I don’t say that very often. I’m world-class at setting up high expectations and then crashing into misery when they are not met. Ask me how often my high expectations are met…

But this year, for whatever reason, (perhaps I’m finally learning?) I didn’t set my expectations for our Christmas celebration somewhere in the stratosphere. And that turned out to be a beautiful thing.

Actually, I do know the reason. It was a question that came to mind: “How would He like me to celebrate His birthday?”

Maybe because I was in birthday-mode from the twins… but I thought about what I was actually celebrating at Christmas. The birth day of Jesus Christ. And since I always ask my children how they want to celebrate their birthday… the question naturally followed.

And then I thought about His birth. He was born in a stable. Laid to sleep in a manger. Would the circumstances of His birth be a clue as to how He would like me to celebrate His birthday? Although He was a King, come to His people, His birth was not celebrated with fanfare and feasting and palaces and parades. It was in the most humble of places, with family who loved Him.

Would He, perhaps, just want me to celebrate humbly? Without tons of decorations, too many packages, a yard bursting with blow-up displays, or an overabundance of cookies? What if I just gathered together the people that I love, as He did around that quiet manger?

And so I did. We kept our meals simple. We opened the presents from each other. We played with the boys’ new toys. We snuggled on the couch. I stayed in my pajamas all day!

That was all He needed. And it was all I needed. And it was wonderful.



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