Light on the Longest Night

Any celebration about light is right up my alley. Although it’s the day with the shortest amount of sunlight, I’m still going to celebrate the light!

halo-2646333_1280 (2)

I love the Winter Solstice!

OK, I didn’t use to love the Winter Solstice. I used to hate it because it was the day with the shortest amount of light. And you know how I love the light.

But a few years ago I turned my thinking around. After all, who am I to turn down a reason to celebrate. I love to celebrate… it makes me lighter!

Instead of focusing on the lack of light, I decided to focus on the fact that there IS light, even on the shortest day of the year. Not to mention, it’s the start of longer days again. That’s a beautiful reason to celebrate.

I’m still working out the details of how I want to celebrate Winter Solstice. But here are a few things we will be doing this year.

First, candlelight! There is something so soothing about a room all lit up with candles. It seems to soften the edges of a cold space and make it glow. As soon as the sun dips below our hill, I’ll be lighting up candles. Dinner will be by candlelight and after-dinner activities will include snuggling up on the couch and reading by candlelight.


Second, warm soup, wassail, and lemon dessert! I could eat soup all winter long. It’s warms more than just my stomach. And I love the wintery flavors of wassail with the apples, oranges, and spices. And let’s not forget the lemons! Mine are ripening on our tree as we speak and it’s the perfect time for lemon sun cookies or bars. Maybe I’ll come up with that recipe by next year…


Most of all, I want Winter Solstice to be a reminder that there is light, even in the darkest times. And that no matter how dark it gets, it can get lighter again. I sit here on this Winter Solstice with two sick little boys, one with a 101 temperature. And I have an appointment this afternoon for an MRI to try to learn why my shoulder is no longer working. A message of light even in the darkest of times is a good message for me today.

Do you celebrate the Winter Solstice?


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