A Sister’s Light

I have a few special women in my life that are instant light-bringers. A conversation with them is guaranteed to lift me up and lighten my life. 



This year, for Thanksgiving, we traveled to see family, and this gave me the heart-lifting chance to visit face-to-face with my two sisters and one of my sisters-in-law who all live within 45 minutes of each other.

While there were plenty of all-family get-togethers, my sister-in-law (who is honest to goodness my real sister in my heart and so I will refer to her as such from here on out) had the idea to have a sisters’ night out.

Of course we all said, “YES!” and made it happen.

On the Saturday night after Thanksgiving, we left the little ones with the men and we all gathered at one of our new favorite restaurants, Aubergine (oh, my goodness, yum!) We ordered our fresh, healthy, absolutely delicious food and circled around a table to talk the night away.

And did we talk! And there was quite a bit of laughter, and even a couple of tears. We all carry heavy loads and are each trying to find ways of making them lighter. We shared things that we had been trying. And told stories of things we had read. We offered ideas and brainstormed solutions. And we just poured out our love on each other.

This, dear readers, is one of the greatest ways that I can make it lighter in my life.  Talking to my sisters is one of the things that lifts me higher than most anything else. Sharing my heavy load with them and sharing theirs in return somehow makes them both lighter. Or really, I think it’s that we gain greater strength from each other to make the load seem less heavy.

They are my sisters of light. I wish we lived closer, but thank goodness for phone calls and text messages. And our annual sisters’ weekend!

Do you have someone who helps make it lighter for you? A friend? A mom? A sister?

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