What Lights Me Up?

If I don’t write something down, I forget it. I’ve always been a visual learner. And I’m learning that when I write down important things–like what brings me happiness–I’m more likely to remember them.


This spring I found a pretty little notebook tucked away in one of my drawers. It was just sitting there, empty. I think I was waiting for something splendid to do with it. But it wasn’t doing anything at all.

So I took it out, dusted it off, and tucked it into my purse. It has become my notebook of light. When I read something that lights me up, or a have a thought that fills me with light (you know, the real light-bulb-over-the-head kind), I write it in my notebook.

One thing that I’m really trying to do, is notice when something I do lights me up. Sometimes when I’m having a dark day, I don’t know what to do to make it lighter. So, I’m writing down the things that do lighten my life and hopefully, I’ll have a whole notebook full of them by the end.

Here are just a few things I’ve written over the last few months that light me up:

  1. Wearing pretty cotton knit dresses in the summer.
  2. Sitting in the sunshine on the shore of a mountain lake.
  3. Eating nourishing food in a little cafe while I write in my notebook.
  4. Kayaking on a river in the sunshine.
  5. Receiving a massage.
  6. Floating and swimming in warm, tropical ocean water.

I’ll continue to note when I find something that lights me up. Which reminds me, I finally bought a bicycle! I’m working on her name. But I’m pretty sure that when she and I go riding, it’s going to light me up.

What lights you up?

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