Light Up Halloween

I don’t do the dark and creepy side of Halloween! For me it’s a bright and fun celebration. I only need 3 things to make my Halloween a light night!


Holidays are wonderful! It’s a chance to do something out of the ordinary and together with the family.

But they can get heavy. Too many activities, too much less-than-nourishing food, too many expectations, too much stress!

I have tried to be very intentional in how my family and I celebrate holidays. I want them to be happy and light! To do that, I keep our celebrations at a doable level and I’m deliberate about what we choose to do.

For Halloween, that means: homemade costumes, decorating with lights, and just a little bit of trick-or-treating.

First, I make the kids’ costumes myself. For me that is the best thing. For others, finding what the kids want quickly and buying them is the right thing (no stress there!) But for me, making costumes lights up my creative soul. I have wondered if I shouldn’t spend so much time on making these from scratch. But I really love it! I’m seriously giggly when I’m cutting and sewing. So there’s my answer. It’s a creative outlet for me and brings me happiness. My only note is that I need to give myself enough time! I usually start around October 1.

Second, my decor is all about the lights. (Surprised?) Jack-o-lanterns and orange lights on the porch. That’s it. No elaborate graveyards (I don’t do scary, anyway), no fake spiderwebs on every single bush, no witch crashed into the front of my house. For some people, this might totally be your creative outlet. But the key for me is that I just do what makes me happy. And all that set up and storage and time would make me grouchy! So, we carve pumpkins, and hang a string of orange lights. Our bright, welcoming porch makes me happy! (Did I mention I don’t do scary?)

Third, we trick or treat. In moderation. We keep the number of houses (i.e. pieces of candy) to a reasonable amount. Dragging a heavy bag of processed sugar home is going to weigh down our bodies in more ways than one. The twins (and dad) have been instructed to just go down our street about 10-15 houses. That’s plenty. And the boys can have a piece of candy after dinner until it’s gone. I want to keep the amount of candy in their little growing bodies light! And of course, while trick or treating… be light! Flashlights or glowsticks are fun and help keep us safe.

That’s all I need to have a fun and light-filled Halloween!

How do you light up your Halloween?

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