Maui’s Light

Three ways I found light on the island of Maui.

Maui Light

I just spent a beautiful week on the island of Maui. What a beautiful piece of our planet! While we were there because my husband had a conference to attend and I was still doing all the mothering with the little boys, I deliberately found ways to make this trip a light one.

Just to illustrate, when we set off on the road to Hana, five minutes into the trip, one boy had to go to the bathroom. His brother insisted he was fine. Ten minutes after that, he insisted he needed to go to the bathroom. Then they blissfully fell asleep for 30 quiet, winding minutes. Only to wake up grouchy and cry (wail) for the next 10 minutes. As we drove past picturesque waterfalls. Repeat some version of this, for a week. Ha!

But, oh those waterfalls! Not even crying boys could diminish their beauty and majesty. Especially when the light bounced off the rushing water into a million misty rainbows!

Graham Waterfall

And that was one thing that kept me sane on our island adventure… looking for the light. And honestly, that’s an easy thing to do on Maui.

First, I enjoyed the sunlight! Because of the time change, my darling boys were up at 5 am all but the last two mornings, when they slept till 6. Since the sun rises at 6 am, I got to watch it in all it’s splendor, every morning. And the slow lightening of a tropical sky, with it’s pink and coral clouds reflecting off the blue sea, is good for the soul. And on the flip side, since the sun set at 6 pm every night, I got to watch the beautiful light sliding into the ocean just outside our lanai every evening. Just being present and breathing in the beauty of the sunrise and sunset each day was one of my favorite things about the trip. And of course there was all that deliciously warm light during the daytime! I soaked in every ray I could.

Graham Sunset

Second, I loved the lightness I felt in the water! I seriously could have floated in that warm tropical water all week long. Because of the salinity of the ocean, you feel so light in the water! At one point, I was trying to take a video underwater of a green sea turtle who was swimming just a few yards away from me, and I could barely keep myself underwater! I kept bobbing back up to the surface. We had a wonderful beach just outside our place in south Lahaina that was very shallow with tiny waves due to rocks further out from the shore, so it was perfect for my little guys. But my favorite place to swim was the north end of Ka’anapali Beach. The water is so blue and so clear. I walked out to chest height and then just let the water rock me. I’ve decided that being in warm tropical ocean waters are one of my happy places. I felt so light – both physically and mentally.


Finally, I tried to keep our schedule light. I had a short list of things I’d like to see and do, but (unlike other trips) I did not schedule every day down to the minute. I left lots of open space and I let schedules shift as they needed. One morning we did over schedule. We wanted to see the Venus Pools, Oheo Gulch (7 Sacred Pools), Waianapanapa Beach (black sand), and a red sand pocket beach, all before 11 am. Yeah, it didn’t happen. We made it to Oheo Gulch and Waianapanapa and really didn’t have nearly enough time at either one. It was just a reminder to me that it’s more enjoyable to take my time at one amazing place, than rush and stress through several. The mornings that we just took it slow and wandered to whatever destination sounded good that day and then ate leisurely at a little cafe, were definitely the best ones.

37155555014_7067e0d94b_c(This is how sunset pictures look in my current life!)

And that’s how I found the light, and the lightness, on our trip to Maui.

Where have you found light?


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